Little Bear Wheel Alignment is a full service auto and truck repair shop located in Buchanan, New York. We are wheel alignment experts who also specialize in suspensions, brakes, differential service, preventative maintance, and drive shafts. The Calabro family has been serving the tri-state area since 1958, and we have many satisfied customers from all over the country.

The Pit

We can handle such large vehicles because of our drive-on alignment system. Little Bear Wheel Alignment uses a pit, rather than a lift, to work on vehicles. However, it’s not just any pit – it’s a Calabro-calibrated pit specifically designed for alignments and frame straightening.

Why is our pit better?

  • The equipment is stable, not moving up down, which keeps it properly calibrated.
  • It’s custom-built with many tools for the job built right in.

Wheel Alignment

The Hunter Hawkeye Elite is not your father’s wheel alignment machine. It uses four digital cameras that feed information to a computer monitor much faster than the eye can see. It doesn’t require any calibration and doesn’t use any cables, so our technicians can immediately see camber, toe and thrust line measurements and make the necessary adjustments without having to disconnect the equipment and recalibrate it later. This allows us to align vehicles up to Little Bear standards in much less time

(view more info from the manufacturer).

Tire pulling and road-force balanceralignment

Little Bear swears by the GSP 9700, and won’t use anything else to test for tire pull and check on a vehicle’s road-force balancer. It eliminated guesswork by making it possible to test for these problems without putting the vehicle through multiple road tests.

Tire pull is when one wheel wants to pull away from the vehicle’s direction at speed, and until recently could only be corrected through trial and error, which in this case means a road test followed by a tire rotation, repeating until the problem is fixed. The GSP 9700 allows us to identify tire pulling and correct the problem. This reduces the need for multiple road tests or multiple tire rotations to get the problem fixed.

Road-force balancer is more sophisticated than simply spinning a wheel on a machine, because a tire balanced that way may not be balanced when it’s actually on the road with a car’s weight on top. The GSP 9700 makes it possible to simulate a road test and carefully measure each tire’s balance. This saves a tremendous amount of time and money trying to identify and correct the balancing issue and keeps our customers from experiencing mysterious and frustrating vibrations while driving (view more info from the manufacturer).

Tire mounting

tire-mountingThe Coats 7065 tire changer is the best choice for hard-to-change tires and can manage any standard wheel as well. It can handle rims up to 26″ and tires with a diameter as large as 50″. It allows us to work with stiff sidewalls easily with its RoboArm® Helper Device, and the pedal-actuated bead loosening allows us to do the work in much less time (view more info from the manufacturer).